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kanojo no namae wa Yume desu~

her name is Yume

9 February
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’ll not say my real name, so i’m ORANGEHUSH

i’m 5’1 in height. weighing 45kg. i’m currently 19 years of age. i’m proud to be a Filipino. i was once a Fine Arts student and now i'm an Interior Design student

about my personality. people often call me SNOB and SCARY, maybe because of my eyes. i’m a listener type person not the sociable one. i cannot start a conversation unless they approach me. i can say i’m trustworthy and considerate. i’m really trying hard to be friendly..

my hobbies are… drawing of course, listening to music especially jpop and jrock, i like watching anime and jdrama, i’m fond of reading fanfictions because they amuse me a lot, i’m a fan of manga and doujinshi, i also love traveling and stuff..

my interests… johnny’s juniours, ARASHI, eito, kat-tun and NEWS are always running in my mind, maybe i’m addicted to them. especially tegoshi yuya, ninomiya kazunari and ueda tatsuya.